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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Located in a vibrant city of Berlin, Germany, our company Ailoys GmbH blends together extensive domain expertise and AI innovations. 

Brandenburg Gate

Our Story

As AI became more common in industry operations, major tech companies crafted new strategies to advance its use.


However, a team of material science and manufacturing experts noticed that the industries that could benefit most from AI were often the least digitalized and most dependent on manual expertise.


These industries, while less digitally advanced, were heavily reliant on machinery and manual labor. Quality assurance processes often relied too much on human expertise, creating inefficiencies.


To address this gap, the team proposed a specialized service tailored to these industries. With just a small initial investment, manufacturing companies could begin harvesting the data from internal processes and benefit from the Industrial AI solution developed by Ailoys to improve manufacturing processes and even develop new, sustainable materials.


After successful pilot projects, the founders officially launched Ailoys GmbH, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency in manufacturing and new materials discovery.

Meet The Founding Team

Our Clients

Kieselstein International GmbH
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